A Peek into a Child’s Mind

What goes on inside a child’s mind? Does a child think in the same way as I do? How does a child reason about things that happen around him or her? If you are a parent or have the experience of interacting with young children, you may have pondered over these questions.

At the Early Cognition Lab, we use scientific approaches to investigate the workings of a child’s mind. Our research examines what young children know about people and their interactions. We ask questions like: Do children think you should share resources equally with others? Do children think you should offer help to someone in need? How do children’s ideas about intelligence affect their motivation? Another focus of our research is on how children perceive, encode, and recognize different kinds of faces.

Because young children are not adept at vocalizing their thoughts, we design simple experiments that bring out their natural reactions and observe their non-verbal behaviors instead of relying on verbal responses. For example, children in our studies watch live puppet shows or photos and videos involving people. We are interested in their looking patterns, how they distribute toys to puppets, and how they choose among faces displayed on a tablet.

Research will not be possible without parents who generously volunteer their time to participate. Currently, we have several studies designed for different age groups for children. Visit us at KidsSTOP (21, Jurong Town Hall, Singapore 609433 map) to take part in studies! Your visit to the lab will last about 30 – 45 minutes and you can enjoy playing at KidsSTOP after the study!

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