Our Team

Dr. Peipei Setoh, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Lab Director
PhD, University of Illinois

Nanyang Technological University,
Psychology, School of Social Sciences
48 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639818
Email: psetoh@ntu.edu.sg

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Research Staff

Michelle Cheng

Research Fellow

I received my M.S. and Ph.D. from Rutgers University under the supervision of Dr. Alan M. Leslie. For my thesis research, I investigated preschoolers’ capacity to track multiple agents and their distinct false beliefs. My primary research interests lie in the social cognitive development domain. In particular, I am drawn to topics involving children’s understanding of others (e.g., theory of mind and socio-moral reasoning) and the factors that affect their reasoning (e.g., executive function and language). For leisure, I enjoy outdoor activities such as running, hiking, and sports, as well as, learning different languages (verbal and computer) and experiencing different types of food.


Graduate Students

Kristy Lee Jia Jin

Fourth-year PhD Student

Broadly speaking, I am interested in the study of morality. What is the origin of morality? What distinguishes humans as moral agents? I am also curious about the role of logical reasoning and intuition, and the interaction of evolutionary, historical, and sociocultural forces in shaping human morality. In my research, I examine how children understand and make sense of moral concepts, such as justice, from an early age. In my free time, I enjoy anime, manga, learning languages, and fiction writing.

Zhao Siqi

Third-year PhD Student

I study social and moral reasoning in children and adults. The fundamental question of my research is whether our perceptions about other individuals’ abilities can be affected by their memberships to certain social groups such as gender and race. I examine the relations between children’s and parents’ ability beliefs about men and women, Chinese and Malays to children’s school performances, peer relationships, and future aspirations. Currently, I am investigating the intergenerational transmission of gendered ability beliefs from parents to children. Another line of my research is about parental lying and its implications on children’s psychosocial outcomes. Besides research, I love ballet, art, rock music, rock climbing and trying out new sports.

Lab Alumni

Shirley Zhang Lijun


Former M.A. Student (graduated 2017)